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Play On Courts

Sports Training Facilities

Play On Courts designs and integrates multiple surfacing and equipment solutions for sports training facilities. From high-quality synthetic turf to heavy-duty rolled rubber flooring, our installation experts will outfit your sports training facility to accomplish all of your performance training initiatives.

The Play On Courts team has extensive experience working with a wide variety of athletic surfaces and equipment, and our approach is much different than our competitors in the industry. 

Play On Courts experts will work with you throughout the entire process. We start by discussing your overall goals facility, your intended activities, the number of participants you expect to host, and your budget. We will then make equipment and surfacing recommendations that we believe will best meet all of your needs.

Our expertise really shines through during the installation process. The Play On Courts team can seamlessly integrate multiple surfaces and equipment so that your staff can transition between activities, practices or workouts with ease.

With Play On Courts, you have the ability to create a completely customized sports training facility. We can integrate any combination of our surfacing products or athletic equipment outlined in our product catalog.

We can design and install surfacing and equipment solutions for:

Indoor Football Practice Facilities

Play On Courts has the expertise to design and construct a facility that meets all of your athletic requirements. From strength and conditioning to game simulation, we will develop an indoor football practice facility that will ensure your football program stays elite – regardless of the weather.

Batting Cages & Baseball Training Facilities

The Play On Courts team has extensive experience in the design and installation of batting cages and training facilities for both baseball and softball. We also carry a wide range of baseball and softball equipment to ensure a properly outfitted practice facility – so your athletes can work on every aspect of their game.

Sports Training & Development Facilities

Play On Courts specializes in the design and installation of sports training and development facilities. We’ve worked closely with professional athletes and top athletic facility operators to construct state-of-the art athletic training facilities throughout the U.S.

Recreational Centers

We will help you construct a recreational center that can be used to host a wide variety of activities for your students and/or clients. From pick-up basketball games to weekend volleyball tournaments, we design recreational centers that are easily adaptable and will integrate with your activity requirements seamlessly.

Multi-Purpose Gyms

As a facility operator, multi-purpose gyms can be difficult to plan – especially when you need to ensure that all of your activity requirements will be met. Play On Courts will meet with you personally, suggesting options that will keep your facility running smoothly after its completion.

Indoor Track & Sprinting Areas

Our design and installation team can help create an indoor running facility that meets all of your safety and activity requirements. We offer the best surfacing possible and we offer professional consultation to ensure that you are left with facility that exceeds your expectations.

Cross-Fit & Interval Training

Cross-fitness and interval training has quickly become one of the most popular training methods for athletes and fitness buffs alike. Play on Courts will help design, supply and construct your new cross-fit facility based on your activity needs and budget requirements.

Weight/Power Lifting Rooms

Building a strong athletic program starts in the weight room. The team at Play On Courts has helped plan and build weight lifting rooms for many top athletic programs. We supply everything you’ll need for a state-of-the-art weight lifting facility and our expert team will ensure proper installation – from start to finish.

Aerobatics/Yoga/Pilates Classrooms

Play On Courts can design and integrate multi-purpose classroom solutions for a variety of fitness activities including aerobics, yoga, pilates, spinning, and more. We can also supply you with all the equipment and accessories that you will need to get your classes up and running as soon as we leave.